Thursday, November 29, 2012

ACCIDENT by Amjad Prawej

A crowd in a semi-circle with their backs to the audience. They are all trying to speak at the same time. There is a commotion.

A voice from the crowd: "It was a speeding truck. The driver was drunk"

Enter Boy1 and Boy2. They are in a hurry.

Boy1: Deepak, looks like an accident. Let's go help.

Boy2: Come on!! We are late already. We'll miss the film. I wanted to see this film for a long time.

Boy1: What if they need help?

Boy2: I see others. They will help for sure. Let's go.

Boy1: What if no one helps? I think...

Boy2: Hey look. I don't want to miss even a single frame of that movie. If you miss the beginning there is no fun. Now hurry. (He exits. Boy1 follows reluctantly)

The stage is cleared. We see Boy1 and Boy2 returning.

Boy2: Man! I loved that movie. What acting! (Imitating the hero) "Pandit, I don't need 24 hours. I will nab you in exactly 14 minutes and 35 seconds. I know where you are. Run for your life. Ha Ha Ha!!"

Boy1: Ha Ha Ha

Boy2: Man! I love Rakesh Kapoor. He is my best hero. He can tackle 50 villains at the same time. (Imitating again) Ya dishum!! Dishum!! Dishum Dishum!! Aiyaaa!! Where are you running you coward?

Boy1: Oh come on!! What they show in the movie is not entirely true. No one can take down 50 people at the same time. It's all camera trick.

Boy2: What did you say?

Boy1: Camera trick.

Boy2: Come I will show you. Yaaa Dishum. (He starts trying out the stunts on Boy1) Say Rakesh Kapoor is the best. Say it man! Say it.

Boy1: OK OK, Rakesh Kapoor is the best.

Boy2: Say he can fight 50 people at the same time.

Boy1: He can fight 50 people at the same time.

Boy2: (Stops his stunt) Good!

Boy1: Let's go home now. I have to finish my Maths assignment. 

Boy2: What? Assignment? You are a nut case. Only stupid people do their home work and assignments.

Boy1: Really? And what does the smart and intelligent ones do? Stand on the bench?

Boy2: Make excuses. (Enacts) Mam I had a very high fever yesterday. My stomach was also not feeling well Mam. I couldn't even lift my pen. I was so weak.

Boy1: Wow!

Boy2: Thank you. Thank you. I think I am going to be a great actor one day. I can see it. And the Oscar for the best actor goes to..... Deepak Singh!!

Boy1: Well, I don't think I am going to be a great actor. So I'd better go home early and finish my assignment.

Boy2: You are a waste fellow. OK just five minutes and we'll go. Here check out my new Cell Phone.

Boy1: Hey that's cool.

Boy2: My mom bought this for me. She is the best mama in the whole world!!

Boy1: I thought my mama was the best mama in the world.

Boy2: (Thinks) Your mama is the second best mama in the world. Oh no! It has switched off. I will turn it on. (He does) Check this out. The camera is so cool. Wait.. Stand there.

Boy1: OK.. (Strikes a pose) Like this?

Boy2: Tilt your head to your right a little. Raise your left hand. Good. Now raise your left feet with your right hand. Hold it there. (Boy1 struggles and the moment Boy2 finishes clicking, Boy1 looses his balance and falls to the ground) What man, You can't hold for one minute. It's all blurry. Come we'll do it again.

Boy1: No, Deepak. We'll do it some other day. Shall we go now, please?

Boy2: OK, let's go!!

As they start walking, the cell phone rings. Boy2 answers.

Boy2: Hello... Yes Archana.. What?.. No... How? (He starts crying).. But... Yes I am coming... (He exits running. Boy1 follows)

Boy1 returns to the stage after a while.

Boy1: (To the audience) That was Deepak's sister on the phone. His mom just died in the hospital. She was hit by a speeding truck. The driver was drunk.

The End

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